"When life gives you lemons..."

What are you, an idiot? No one's going to give you a bunch of lemons. Go to the Safeway and buy them.

Actually this is a recipe for limeade. As you will see there are advantages to using limes. First, they are cheaper. Second, they don't have any seeds. No seeds means you don't have to use a strainer like you do with lemons. This saves valuable time. No hunting for the strainer; no washing it out afterwards.

But one thing to watch out for is that limes will dry out in the fruit bowl because they have thin skins compared to lemons. On the plus side the thinner skin means you are paying for more juice and less rind.
Take three limes and put them on the counter. Take a big sharp knife and cut them almost through. Don't cut them all the way through or you will mark up the counter and some woman will come around and say, "What are these marks on the counter." Don't get out one of those cutting board things, though, it takes too much time.

Get a reamer out (I don't know its technical name, it ís a wooden thing that you stick in the lime halves to ream them out.)

Get a two-quart container. Most juice containers are that size. It will be about a foot high and six inches across.

Pick up a lime and bend it in two where you sliced it so the two halves are held together by the uncut hinge between them. Ream out one half, catching the juice in the juice container. Ream out the other half and throw the two peels into the trash can. Don't throw them down the disposal. The disposal won't chop them up and you'll lose time sticking your hand in there to get them out. Repeat with the other two limes.

Add a cup of sugar. Fill the container with water. Stir.
I've read recipes for lemonade that tell you to boil the water to dissolve the sugar. Get a life! Sugar dissolves just fine in cold water.

You can doctor it up any way you want. Some people like to add crushed ice or mint. Personally, I suggest, on occasion, a shot of whatever liquor is handy. Vodka or bourbon are nice.

Some recipes call for a lot more juice. If you want to burn your insides out with citric acid, or just like things sourer. What are you and idiot? Grab another lime and squeeze it in! Do I have to tell you everything?